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Scrapy – Pass argument to callback function

Sometime some of the data needs to be passed to the another callback function while using the scrapy framework. For… Continue to read→

Multithread python scraping script

While scraping multiple website links one at a time it would be time consuming. We can use the multithread features… Continue to read→

Login to linkedin using python

LinkedIn needs login to access information inside it. If you are into data mining and wanted to scrape linkedin data… Continue to read→

Couldn’t get size error Ubuntu

When forcing a linux(ubuntu) there might be a file system issue and it after restarting it throws a dark terminal… Continue to read→

React Native ADB permission denied issue

While running the react native script for the first time there might be a permission issue of ADB. Instead of… Continue to read→

Scrape profile pictures from multiple facebook ID’s

Facebook graph API is excellent tool for scrape the facebook data. Unfortunately the token has 1 hour expiration time and… Continue to read→

Getting started with sqlite react-native (part 1)

Sqlite is the sql database engine for the mobile devices. It provides the relational database features as in the SQL… Continue to read→

Scrape login protected website using scrapy

While scraping websites some content are available only after login process is completed. Using selenium is super slow so rather… Continue to read→

Upgrade the expo app version

Recently I made an expo application but while building it in the server and uploading it to the play store… Continue to read→

Access error while installing realm with npm

Realm is the object oriented database management system. It is an amazing alternative for SQLite and Core data. It also… Continue to read→

Getting started with realm in react native

Realm is object database management system. In this post you will find step by step method for installing the realm… Continue to read→

Redirect your custom domain to heroku app

You might have developed a fully functional website and ready for the production so that you can show it to… Continue to read→

Splash for scraping javascript pages

Splash is a library which integrate the javascript with the scrapy. Most of the modern website uses ajax request  hence… Continue to read→

Getting started with scrapy

Scrapy is one of the popular and powerful framework of python which is used for web scraping and data mining.… Continue to read→

MERN to ES6 and host to heroku

Converting your express code to es6 will make the MERN developer work more easier. Since most of the react code… Continue to read→

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