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python scraping

Multithread python scraping script

While scraping multiple website links one at a time it would be time consuming. We can use the multithread features from the futures module of python to implement threading in python using the simplest way possible. The thread pool executor will going to run the number of threads we need to run at a time.

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python scraping

Login to linkedin using python

LinkedIn needs login to access information inside it. If you are into data mining and wanted to scrape linkedin data then selenium could be the best choice but it comes with the trade-off for time. Instead we can use python requests module to login to the linkedin and scrape the data. let’s import the requests…

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React Native

React Native ADB permission denied issue

While running the react native script for the first time there might be a permission issue of ADB. Instead of giving a full permission to ADB in the android_sdk/platform tools adb in linux it might happen. After giving the permission though it shows the permission issue while running the react native app in the mobile…

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